Become a partner for our compostable water bottle.

We have selected several pilot projects that will be the first to present our compostable water bottle to the world. All our pilot locations will be a closed-loop venue.

90% of the PLA bottles back after use, 90% of the time. Collecting the bottles and send them to the right end of life option. 

We represent a USA based company that manufacturer a compostable water bottle, cap, and label. We believe in leaving future generations a healthier planet where consumer product packaging has a softer environmental impact, generates less waste, and is both compostable and sustainable.
Petroleum-based, single-use plastics such as bottles, caps, straws, and food utensils, clog landfills and contaminate our landscapes and watersheds. We are dedicated to reducing the usage of environmentally-unsound, single-use plastics. We utilize only non-GMO, plant-based PLA, and PHA resins for manufacturing our unique biodegradable container products. As a result, all of its containers can be disposed of through industrial composting, recycled, or degraded. We distribute our containers only within “closed-loop” venues, whereby used containers are collected on-site and undergo proper end-of-life processing. 

Our compostable water bottle partners. (Coming Soon)

Why use PLA bottles?

Check out the comparison of the different packaging materials on: CO2 emissions, energy use, and water use.

ASTM standards - benefits of PLA
Play Video about ASTM standards - different logo's compostability

Closed loop

We distribute our compostable water bottle only within “closed-loop” venues, whereby used containers are collected on-site and undergo proper end-of-life processing. Our goal is to get 90% of the PLA bottles back after use, 90% of the time. Collecting the bottles and sending them to the right end of life option is our goal. We, therefore, look only at closed loop locations for our products. 
A lot of locations can be set up as a close loop location. Ideal locations for a closed-loop are catering companies, events, restaurants, cruise lines, hospitals, airports, airlines.
Our PLA bottles have multiple end of life solutions. Every end of life has its own benefits and together with our clients, we decide per location the best end of life solution. We monitor the outcome of the collection and will support getting the highest returns of our plant-based bottles of water.
Does your company need to lower CO2, create a circular environment, lower costs for waste pickup and become single-use plastic free? We supply a full package to create all of this in a closed-loop situation.
With a combination of our unique bio plastic products, other compostable products, we can create this solution for your location.
With our solution you can create your own closed-loop location.

biodegradable water bottles recycling
army canteen closed loop plant-based bottles
compostable water bottle - hotel closed loop location
music event biodegradable bottle closed-loop
island closed loop location for biodegradable bottles

Become a partner

Are you interested in using our composable bottles and becoming one of our partners? We would love to, but there is one small thing …………. 
We do not sell our products to everyone.
We want to ensure that our compostable water bottle is always processed in the correct end-of-life solution. That is why we have chosen to only use our plant-based bottles in closed-loop locations. This ensures that there is a controlled way to arrange the end of life stream. Our goal is to collect 90% of our bottles 90% of the time in order to process them in the correct end of life.

Some examples of companies that often have or can create a close loop. Airports, airlines, cruise lines, catering, sports events, music events, island, army bases, universities, hotels, and resorts.
Let us explain why we do this;
We see that in normal retail it is difficult to create a good end of life for our PLA compostable water bottle. In normal retail, the PET bottles are usually recycled separately or fished out among the household waste. There is no good PLA recycle flow in normal household waste because the amount of PLA waste is still too small to be separated separately. Within industrial composting there is also a lot of uncertainty among consumers and waste processors.

There is a lot of miscommunication about how to deal with plant-based packaging in the waste stream and some people think that every plant-based packaging simply composts in the wild. This is incorrect. There are different kinds of plant-based packaging and they do not compost the same. There are those that can compost in the wild and in water and some only compost in special circumstances such as in an industrial composting machine. In the case of our compostable bottles, they compost in an industrial composting facility, and almost every other environmentally-friendly method that is currently available.

Due to all these misconceptions about plant-based packaging materials, waste processors are reluctant to allow them in their composting machines.
Because of all these points above, we have chosen not to sell our bottles with water in normal retail, but only in closed-loop venues.
If you are interested in switching with your company or brand to a more sustainable bottle for water, please contact us. We are happy to look at the possibilities of how we can use our water bottles in a closed loop to make your company a leader in environmentally sound practices.