Compostable juice bottles

Compostable juice bottles made from plants are on the horizon. A plant-made bottle for a natural juice product is the ideal combination. We provide the preforms and locally the preforms can be blown in the correct shape/size bottle. Compostable closures for the bottles will also be provided.
Different neck sizes and different preform sizes for the plant-made bottles for juice, up to 2 liters, can be made. 

Compostable juice bottles made from plants

Compostable juice bottles

Natural Juices in natural packaging. For us, it is the ideal situation. A product/juice made from plants in a bottle made from plants. How natural do you want it?
We think that our plant-made bottles for juice and compostable caps are a good alternative for juice producers to move away from petroleum plastic as a packaging material. We are finalizing the development of the 33mm cap and the 38mm preform. When it is in production, we can assist your company with compostable juice bottles. We are getting requests for different size bottles several times a week and we are working hard with our R&D team to put the plant-based juice bottle on the market.
If you are interested in the possibilities of transferring your production to plant-based bottles, please contact us and we will be happy to talk with you about what we can do in the near future. By using compostable juice bottles in the packaging of fruit and vegetable juices. a 100% natural end product can be created. No toxic packaging for your natural product.
Our bottles are 100% compostable in an industrial composting facility. They are 100% safe to incinerate if they end up in the incinerator. Our bottles can also be recycled perfectly as mono-stream PLA at a special PLA recycler.
To make optimal use of the marketing we can also supply full bottle shrink sleeves, of course also 100% plant-based. This makes the entire bottle usable from top to bottom as a means of communication to the customer. 

Compostable juice bottles - HPP treatment

Research rapport: Suitability Assessment of PLA Bottles for High-Pressure Processing of Apple Juice
The aim of the study is to test the use of polylactic acid (PLA) bottles as an alternative to (PET) ones for high-pressure processing (HPP) of apple juice. The treatment of PLA bottles at 600 MPa for 3 min did not cause alterations in the packaging shape and content, confirming the suitability of PLA bottles to withstand HPP conditions as well as PET bottles.  

The present study assessed the feasibility of employing PLA bottles as an alternative to PET ones, for the packaging and subsequent HPP treatment of apple juice. In a perspective of improving food chain sustainability, PLA and other bioplastics may replace conventional plastics for some specific uses, such as fresh and minimally processed products, offering sufficient performances able to maintain the shelf life standards. This study proved that PLA is a valid sustainable alternative to conventional PET bottles for the packaging and HPP treatment of apple juice due to its: (i) Biobased nature, (ii) compostability/recyclability, (iii) mechanical resistance and ability to restore the initial shape after HPP treatment, (iv) protection offered to the product, which is comparable with PET for short-term storage.

PLA juice bottles - compostable juice bottles

Ideal closed loop location

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We distribute our plant-based bottles of water only within “closed-loop” venues, whereby used containers are collected on-site and undergo proper end-of-life processing. Our goal is to get 90% of the PLA bottles back after use, 90% of the time. Collecting the bottles and send them to the right end of life option. We, therefore, look at closed loop locations for our products. A lot of locations can be set up as a closed loop location. Some are better equipped than others to become a fully closed loop for our bottles. Ideal locations for a closed-loop are catering companies, events, restaurants, cruise lines, hospitals, airports, and airlines.
Our PLA bottles have multiple end of life solutions. Every end of life has its own benefits and together with our clients, and together, we decide per location the best end of life solution. We monitor the outcome of the collection and will support getting the highest returns of our plant-based bottles of water.

Does your company need to lower CO2, create a circular environment, lower costs for waste pickup, and become single-use plastic-free? We supply a full package to create all of this in a closed-loop situation. With our solution, you can create your own closed-loop location.