Manufacturer compostable bottles

We represent a company in the USA that is a manufacturer – compostable bottles. Plant-based compostable bottles, caps, and labels. Since 2004, they have been making PLA bottles, starting with milk bottles, and transitioning to water bottles in 2008. Our company is already making plant-based bottles. We are now finally ready for selecting 12 pilot sites to show the world that it is possible to step away from single use fossil plastics.

manufacturer compostable bottles
Compostable packaging compostable water bottles

We believe in plant-based compostable bottles

Why are natural products such as water, dairy, and fruit juices bottled in oil-based packaging? That is completely illogical and makes no sense. Natural products are better packaged in bottles made from natural material. Our compostable bottles are 100% made from plants and are non-GMO. No petroleum- based materials are used for the production of our preforms, caps, or labels.This way your natural products will not be contaminated with a toxic fossil plastic bottle.

Our USA-based company is a manufacturer of compostable bottles that make plant-based PLA preforms, caps, and labels that are good for water, juices, and dairy products.
In 2004, the company started with making PLA milk bottles for a nationally known Organic milk brand. That product was the first PLA bottle in the world with PLA plant-based bottles for milk. Since 2008, that technology allowed the production of preforms for water bottles. The PLA compostable water bottle has a light blue color and a neck size of 28mm (PCO 1810 preform). We are starting with a 500ML PLA water bottle and closure, and will add other sizes and other preforms as needed.

Compostable PLA bottles for juices are planned for Q3/ 2022. Together with our partners, we are working on different neck sizes and bottle sizes for juices. If you are interested in shifting your brand from fossil plastic bottles to plant-based bottles. Let’s get in touch and make the switch together.

The new factory for mass producing PLA bottles and caps

biodegradable preforms
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Our PLA compostable bottles are:

Closed loop

As a manufacturer compostable bottles it is our plan to distribute our plant-based compostable bottles of water only within “closed-loop” venues, whereby used containers are collected on-site and undergo proper end-of-life processing. Our goal is to get 90% of the PLA bottles back after use, 90% of the time. Collecting the bottles and sending them to the proper end-of-life option.
A lot of locations can be set up as closed-loop locations. Some are better equipped than others to become a fully closed loop for our bottles.
Our compostable and recyclable PLA bottles have multiple end-of-life solutions. Every end-of-life has its own benefits and together with our clients, we decide which solution fits their situation. We monitor the outcome of the collection and will support each client in getting the highest returns from their plant-based bottles of water.

Ideal closed loop location

Does your company need to lower CO2, create a circular environment, lower costs for waste pickup, and become single-use plastic free? We supply a full package to create all of this in a closed-loop situation.
With a combination of our unique bio-plastic products and other compostable products, we can assist you in creating this solution for your location. This way, locations all over the world can be made more environmentally friendly without the need for an external waste facility.
With our solutions, you can create your own closed-loop location.

Benefits of our closed loop

manufacturer compostable bottles