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The PLA bottle is made out of Poly lactic acid, (PLA) a 100% compostable material made out of NON GMO plants (no genetically modified plants are used). No petroleum resources are needed for this product. The Green bottle can be composted at an industrial composter.

It‘s the only bottle, cap and label in the world that is 100% compostable.

Our bottle 500 ML can be used in the packaging of, all Non-carbonated drinks. Our bottles do not rely on petroleum sources and have been tested extensively to be a safe, non-toxic and 100% compostable alternative to single-use plastic bottles.

Our bottle is ideal for:

The PLA Bottles are exactly what companies need to revolutionize their industry, lower carbon footprint and provide customers with an environmentally safe option!
Consumers are getting more environmentally aware, what will boost company’s profile and marketing efforts by choosing a packaging choice that is safer for both people and the environment.
PLA Bottles are perfect for…
– Airports and Airlines.
– Army units
– Large sporting events
– Concerts and other musical events
– Festivals
– Your company’s cafeteria
– Any government buildings and locations
– Any other organization, or operation that wants to help build a better world


100% plant-based bottle -100% compostable bottle -100% plantmade bottle -NON-GMO plant bottle -PLA bottle

PLA Bio-plastic

Biodegradable and industrially compostable, PLA is one of the first renewable polymers able to compete with existing polymers, combining unique functional properties like transparency, gloss and stiffness. PLA is currently used in a broad range of markets, including food packaging, single-use tableware, textiles, oil and gas, electronics, automotive and 3D printing.

PLA is a relatively new and innovative biopolymer and significant further reductions in the environmental footprint can be relatively easily achieved through improvements in the sugarcane farming, efficiency increases in the various production steps and the usage of renewable energy in the conversion process.  “It is likely that in 10 years from now the cradle-to-gate GWP for PLA will have been reduced from plus 500 to minus 900 gram CO/kg PLA.

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