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We are a PLA bottle manufacturer. PLA bottles for milk, water, juices. Our compostable bottles are 100% plant-based. Let’s get in touch and change the world. 

We represent a USA based company that is a PLA bottle manufacturer – plant-based, compostable bottles, caps, and labels. Since 2004, that company has been making plant-based bottles. Starting with milk bottles for an organic milk processing plant, the owner switched to water bottles in 2008. That company is now ready for selecting pilot sites to show the world that it is possible to step away from petroleum plastic. Let’s get in touch. 
Compostable PLA bottles for juices are planned for Q4/ 2021. Together with our partners, we are working on different neck sizes and bottle sizes for juices. If you are interested in shifting your brand from fossil plastic bottles to plant-based bottles. Let’s get in touch and make the switch together.

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We believe in plant-based compostable bottles

Why are natural products such as water, dairy, and fruit juices bottled in oil-based packaging? That is completely illogical and makes no sense. Natural products are better packaged in bottles made from natural material. Our compostable bottles are 100% made from plants and are Non-GMO.

No petroleum based materials are used for the production of our preforms. This way your natural products will not be contaminated with a toxic fossil plastic bottle.
Let’s get in touch and change the world. 

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