The Bottle model digester (bioplastic food composter machine) is a fully enclosed automatic biodigester that disposes of all of our compostable bottles, bioplastics and most food matter within 24 hours. The bioplastic food composter machine can be used when there is no industrial composting facility in place. 

Our bioplastic food composter

The bioplastic food composter

We are busy with testing. As soon as possible we will add information and update the site. If you would like to be kept informed about new developments in the bioplastic food composter machine, please send us an email.

Update: May 2022:
We are doing tests for 2-3 months at a University in the USA and at our office in the Netherlands. Testing our magic sauce (enzymes) and the effect on bio-plastic PLA, PHA, and compostable packaging. 
The first test from the bioplastic food composter is really interesting and gives us food to continue. It looks like food waste is needed when we want to compost bio-plastic and compostable packaging, but we hope the new enzyme mix will make it possible to compost the bio-plastics without food waste.  

For more information go to Bio Materials Digester

Check out a video of the inside of the machine here

Benefits of the bioplastic food composter

Our bioplastic food composter

Cloud connected

Connects to the cloud so statistics on usage, diagnostics, and service schedules can be monitored remotely.
All configuration, indications, reports, and statistics are available through the touch screen. 

the ultimate closed loop

Create your own closed-loop single-use fossil plastic-free location.  You don’t need an industrial composter for all the food waste and all compostable packaging. Your end product is liquid grey water that can be used to fertilize the plants and garden.  This is the ultimate closed-loop. 

Lower waste costs and CO2

Our bioplastic food composter machine for bio-plastic saves costs on food waste pickup adn it lowers the CO2 footprint because of less truck movements to pick up the food. 
Combine this with compostble packaging products and the impact is even higher.  

food waste and bio-plastics

Our bioplastic food composter machine for bio-plastic can not only handle food waste. It is also turning Our PLA bottles and other compostable packaging within 24-48 hours into liquid greywater.
The greywater can be sent to the sewagesystem.  

Liquid greywater

No heavy lifting, and trouble finding a solution for the solid compost. Our machine gives out only greywater as an end product. Notting else. Compaired to other machines there is no solid compost end product.