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Changing petroleum-based bottles into plant-based bottles.
We are a manufacturer of PLA bottles – preforms. Compostable, recyclable, burnable bottles for water, milk and juices. We believe in leaving future generations a healthier planet. Where consumer product packaging has a lower environmental impact, generates less waste, and is recyclable, compostable, and sustainable.

In 2004 we started with the first-ever PLA milk bottle. In 2008 we switched to solving the problem of one of the most pollution products in the world. “The fossil plastic water bottle.” The PLA juice bottle is the newest member of the family. Some of our plant-based preforms are still in development by our R&D department. If you have questions and like to know more contact us with the button below.

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compostable water bottles - preforms

We are PLA bottles EU

Petroleum-based, single-use plastics such as bottles, caps, straws, and food utensils, clog landfills and contaminate our landscapes and watersheds. We are dedicated to reducing the usage of environmentally-unsound, single-use plastics. We utilize only non-GMO, plant-based PLA, and PHA resins for manufacturing our unique biodegradable preforms..

As a result, all of our PLA bottles can be disposed of through industrial composting. Or be recycled, incinerated, or degraded with food waste through a patented “Bottle Model Digester” which converts the mash to greywater. We distribute our containers only within “closed-loop” venues. Whereby used containers are collected on-site and undergo proper end-of-life processing.

To get our compostable bottles on the market we work together with bottlers all over the world, to make the best plant-based bottle there is. These bottlers can provide a filled bottles of local water. Or we can work with current bottlers who already supply your company.

Are you interested in using our PLA bottles for water?

Do you want to lower your CO2 emission?
Have less single-use fossil plastic waste?
Have a great marketing tool?

And create a circular environment?

You are at the right place, We would love to work with you and make the Earth a better place. Together step away from single use fossil plastic, but there is one small thing ………….

We do not sell our products to everyone.

We want to ensure that our bottles are processed in the correct end-of-life solution. This way we/you create the highest environmental impact with our PLA bottles. That is why we have chosen to only use our plant-based bottles of water in closed-loop locations. This ensures that there is a controlled way to arrange the end-of-life waste stream.

Our goal is to collect 90% of our bottles 90% of the time in order to process them at the correct end of life solution.

Our PLA bottles have many end of life solutions and together with our clients we look for the best one for their situation. We can use: recycling, industrial composting, anaerobic digestion, incineration and digesting machines as a solution. 

Some examples of companies that often have, or can create a closed loop. Airports, airlines, cruise lines, catering, sports events, music events, island, army bases, universities, hotels, resorts, restaurants etcetera.

PLA bottles transparent -compostable water bottles

Let's change the world.Use plant-based plastic

Biodegradable - plant-based - PLA - Non-GMO - petroleum free - Safe to burn

PLA bottles for water. Compostable water bottles

Light blue or transparent

compostable milk bottle - pla milk bottles

Neck size 38mm - in development

compostable juice bottle

Neck size 38mm - in development

commpostable foil

100% compostable - plant-based

Coming soon

Compost food waste and our bottles

biodegradable water bottles recycling

Cups, straws, cutlery, blowmolders etc.

This makes PLA stand out.

Member of

Our company is part of (GO!PHA) is a member-driven, non-profit initiative to accelerate the development of the PHA-platform industry. They provide a platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and facilitating joint development initiatives.

15+ years experience

In 2004 we started with the first in the world PLA milk bottle. In 2008 we switched to solving the problem of one of the most pollution single-use fossil plastic products of the world. “The plastic water bottle.” The PLA juice bottle is the newest member of the family. Our R&D team is working on the next solution. PHA home compostable bottles.

PLA bottles transparent -compostable water bottles

Representatives all over the world

With our head-office in the USA, an office in the Netherlands and several representatives all over the world. We have a wide network of specialists that can support your plant-based packaging questions.

Closed loop

We distribute our plant-based bottles of water only within “closed-loop” venues. Whereby used containers are collected on-site and undergo proper end-of-life processing. Our goal is to get 90% of the PLA bottles back after use, 90% of the time. Collecting the bottles and send them to the right end of life option.

A better future

We believe in leaving future generations a healthier planet. Where consumer product packaging has a softer environmental impact, generates less waste, and is both compostable and sustainable.
Consumer education regarding composting and the use of other more environmentally-friendly waste management actions accompany the distribution of Single Use Solutions’ marketed products.

Our PLA bottles model sites

Cruise line

One of the largest cruise lines is replacing their fossil plastic water bottles. Using our biodegradable bottles and our patented "BMD machine" 
Coming soon

Airline company

An airline with their home-based in the Middle East, wants to be fossil plastic-free on all of their flights. They make it happen with our compostable bottles.
Coming soon

Caribbean island

A small Caribbean island is planning to become single-use fossil plastic-free. They will use our bottles and our BMD machine to achieve this.
Coming soon

5* resort

A 5 star resort in the Pacific will lower their CO2 footprint and become more environmentally friendly with our Plant-based bottles
Coming soon

Event organizer

For a large dance event, an organizer is looking to replace fossil plastic cups and water bottles. A preferable end-of-life solution will be recycling the empty bottles and cups.
Coming soon

Catering company

A caterer in Europe wants to become fossil plastic free. He is missing the water bottle to do this. This is where we come in. An ideal closed-loop location
Coming soon
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Sugar cane PLA
OK compost certificate

We use bioplastics

Bioplastics are an essential part of the bioeconomy and a fast-growing, innovative industry that has the potential to decouple economic growth from resource depletion and environmental impact. Bioplastics are a diverse family of materials with differing properties. There are three main groups:

PLA is the bio-plastic that we use for our plant-based bottles, caps, and labels. PLA is one of the bioplastics that has the highest volume of production and is the most widespread bio-plastic in the industry. Our PLA bottles are made from sugarcane and are NON-GMO.
The much newer bio-plastic PHA is at the moment researched and tested within our company to become a candidate for making preforms and bottles.